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Portable paint station - Pre-orders available for European clients at the moment.

Portable paint station - Pre-orders available for European clients at the moment.

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If you ever dreamed of being able to paint anywhere, anytime, even in a very confined space, then our portable paint station for miniatures painters and sculptors is made for you.

The Ouloum Project's portable paint station is the solution to a recurring problem in the miniatures hobby: the transport of said figurines, and the transport of our painting and sculpting tools.

Jonathan "Ouloum" Rios, CEO of Ouloum Project's, painting on its prototype in a convention.

Our portable paint station provides a stable and comfortable surface to work on, anywhere you are. The rounded edge of its workplan has been designed so you can put your forearms on it and work on your miniatures for hours without hurting.

Thanks to its battery and its two adjustable snap-on white led lights, you won't need to fight for an electric plug or more room on the table when you gather to paint together with your friends !

The drawers have all been designed to be customizable and can be swapped. For example, if you prefer to have your wet palette on the right side rather than the left, you can swap the compartments to your convenience.

From now on, thanks to the all-in-one Ouloum Project's portable paint station, you will be able to carry all your miniatures painting equipment without requiring random sturdy bags - and it won't take up more space than a large laptop!

 Ouloum Project's white led light and powerbank

Technical data and FAQ:

Our product is handled and delivered by DHL. Customs clearance fees and taxes are included in the delivery fees. Maximum 2 paint stations per order.

The Ouloum Project's portable paint station measures 48 x 34 x 11 cm. Is included in this product :
- Transport bag.
- Solar charging power bank.
- 2x white led light, can be snapped on and adjusted to your needs.
- 2x small water cup with watertight lid.
- Hydrophobic foams.

- Ouloum Project's portable paint station (empty): 2.8 kg. 
- Power bank: 530g. 
- White LED lights: 200g (each).

Operating life:
- Power bank: can fully recharge a smartphone and still have 30% of its total charge.
- White LED lights: 30 hours on average before you have to recharge them.

Manufacturer's warranty:
- Power bank: 6 month.
- White LED lights: 1 year.

Note that other miniature painting hobby tools are not included and will have to be purchased separately.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to read our FAQ or contact us on Facebook if you didn't find any answer. Text and pictures are not contractually binding, as we keep improving the product without changing the way it functions (for example, changing the power bank's brand for a better one).

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