Why buy an Ouloum Project's portable paint station instead of another similar product?

There are several answers to this question. The Ouloum Project's portable paint station was designed by and for people practicing the miniature figurine hobby. For this reason, it takes all situations into account:

It is light. Our goal being to facilitate transporting your painting and sculpting equipment, that goes without saying.

It is ergonomic, for example: its workplan is rounded at the front, so as not to hurt your wrists while you paint or sculpt.

It's all in one, with its own integrated carrying bag, a quality battery, its own adjustable lighting, and so on.

It requires almost no setup time, all you have to do is open it and start painting.

It is autonomous, you will not have to take everything out of its drawers to put everything on a table, since it also provides you with its own surface. Also, you can place it on your legs in order to really paint anywhere, anytime, even in a park or in your swimming pool.

It is durable, made of sturdy plastic and hydrophobic foams and fabric to resist water, shock, humidity, and much more for an optimal lifespan.

It takes up little space, because the goal is twofold. First, to be able to paint together with friends without cluttering the entire living room. Second, to store it in a corner without cluttering your living space when you are not painting.


How much does an Ouloum Project's portable paint station weight ?

Empty, its weight is less than 3kg. Filled with paints, miniatures, and other tools, it weights up to 5kg.

How many paints pots can I bring, and which types of pots/bottles can I use ? 

You can transport around thirty different Vallejo or Scale75 paint pots, or around 15 Games Workshop or Kimera paints pots, depending on how you decide to fill your drawers.


How many paintbrushes can the portable paint station carry ?

There are up to 8 paintbrush slots in the portable paint station, so you can easily plug up to 8 paintbrushes of different sizes into them.

Which kind of wet pallet can fit into the portable paint station ?

The portable paint station has been designed so a standard RedGrass wet pallet can fit into its drawers.


What about the battery's life/range ?

Our solar-charged batteries can fully charge your smartphone and still have 30% battery left. The portable paint station's white led lights have their own battery and can last for around 30 hours of use on average before needing to be recharged.


Can I carry my miniatures inside the portable paint station ?

While you can carry a handful of miniatures inside the portable paint station, please remember that it was designed to carry your painting tools and isn't made to carry armies of miniatures.

 How long do production and shipment take ?

Regarding miniatures, your order will usually be shipped within 48h after your payment has been processed and your order has been taken care of. Once the parcel has been delivered to the chosen transporter, it will usually take between 48h to one or two weeks to reach your home, depending on the chosen transporter and delivery options, and the delivery address.

Regarding our Ouloum Project's portable paint stations, it will depend if you pre-ordered it or not. We start production once we reach the amount of 600 pre-orders. You can follow us on Facebook to know how much pre-orders we currently have, and then the next batch of products will be delivered.

Once we reach the 600 orders threshold, we start production and ship the portable paint stations to our warehouses and transporters (most likely DHL). The transporter will then deliver them around the world. Delivery times may vary.

Do you deliver abroad ?

Yes, absolutely. There might be some exceptions depending on the current world events like wars, volcanos interrupting flights from taking off, and other political events or natural disasters, but we will try to keep you informed on Facebook when such events will affect our deliveries. Please understand that those situations will not be something we can do anything about, though we will always find solutions to ship our goods to you.

Where are your products shipped from ?

While our office is in Chatou, France, our providers are mainly in China. Goods will be shipped to DHL in Europe in most cases, usually Germany. They will then deliver them to you.


Can I track the shipment of my orders ?



Some of the products I ordered are missing, what should I do ?

First, you must verify if all the products you ordered are shipped within the same package. If you ordered products from different suppliers, you will most likely receive your order through multiple deliveries. In such cases, the rest of your products should be delivered soon. This is the face, for example, if you ordered an Ouloum Project's portable paint station. The white led lamps, the portable paint station and the batteries are all shipped by different suppliers, and will most likely arrive in three different parcels.


I received damaged goods. What should I do ?

We're sorry to hear this. Contact us as soon as possible at the following address : service.ouloum.projects@gmail.com and we will tell you how to proceed. Please read our terms of use for more information.


Where are your offices ?

Our office is in Chatou, France. Though we have no physical store, we often attend miniatures conventions and events where you can meet us.

I still did not receive my order. What is taking so long ?

We are sorry for the delays. Sometimes, international shipments can take more time than usual, often because of customs. You can track your order through DHL and contact them to receive more information in case you need to.


Do you have a refund policy ?

We do our best to solve all the problems our clients may encounter. If you still wish to be refunded and you are within the legal 14-day delay after you placed your order, we will proceed with the refund. Please note that sale items cannot be refunded. Please read our refund policy for more information.